In the Mail!!!


I was totally shocked when I opened my mail today and found THIS!!!  It’s my first copy of Inside the Slidy Diner, and it’s truly amazing. A work of art!  Jaime Zollars (who also did the cover of Myth of the Simple Machines) is a magician, and Tricycle pulled out all the stops for this. It’s beautiful.

Now, I have no earthly idea why it already exists in the world, since the book doesn’t technically release until fall, but I’m not complaining.


(ooh, and excuse my hair. I didn’t shower today, no surprise!)


4 Responses to “In the Mail!!!”

  1. Anamaria Says:

    Congratulations (in advance)! It looks like a beautiful book. I can only imagine the thrill of opening THAT package.

  2. SarahP Says:

    Wow–it looks, as we say in the Prineas household, “Fablious!!” I can’t believe you have three books in three different genres coming out this year. Amazing!

  3. Deirdre Says:

    Congratulations on your book! I am looking forward to reading it. I just discovered your blogs through and I am thorougly enjoying reading them. Your mundane is eerily similar to mine.

  4. Collin Says:

    Congrats, honey! When are you having a local signing or reading?

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