I have not blogged…

Because I have been  overwhelmed by the idea of saying ANYTHING at all if I wasn’t saying something about what’s happened in Myanmar and China.  But what can I say?

The coverage makes me cry.  The numbers make me cry. They should make you cry. You should send something, some money.

God, how awful.

But as much as I have nothing useful to say, I hate staring at the last post I put up, about how lucky I am.  It makes me feel so self involved I could spit.

So this is all I have right now. What I’ve got:

Death sucks. The world is a very hard place for a lot of people a lot of the time and often we cannot help very much, but we should still notice, and try, and appreciate how lucky we are, and hug our babies.

I keep hugging my babies. 

It’s terrible.   

2 Responses to “I have not blogged…”

  1. SarahP Says:


    The NYTimes ran a series of pictures from the China earthquake, of parents grieving for their children. The one that made me cry was the last one, the only one without a caption. That kind of grief–there really aren’t words for it.

  2. Collin Says:

    I’ve actually delayed putting anything on my blog or sending money esp. to Burma because it sounds like all the aid coming in is being rounded up by the junta. I might make a donation this week to UNICEF. They seem to be actually getting necessities to folks there.

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