Sometimes a little island…


 Life is nuts.  So often I dream of islands, little islands of calm. Landing pads in the sea of crazy.

 I say to people, “When things calm down…”

Then they laugh at me.  Because, really, the islands are few and far between. And they know me. That I make the tumult. It’s true.

But sometimes you need one, so you find one.  Or maybe you make one.

 Either way, I have. Just now.

Hubby is done with school.  I’m done (or very nearly) with the book.  Summer is here and the house is clean (and on the market, if you’re looking to buy) and the yard is pretty and the bills are paid and the cat is vetted and the laundry is folded and so… and so… I get to do things like wander around town, playing with my kids, buying veggies and eating ice cream.


For a minute, it’s enough. More than enough. 

It’s plenty.

3 Responses to “Sometimes a little island…”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I am with you on that one – 9 more days of school for me – woohoo!

    Although I am leaving for an “island” – well Hilton Head for a girls weekend!

    Are you still doing to start the adults who read children’s books (or was it YA) this summer?


  2. Emma Says:

    lew is so photogenic it hurts.

  3. emily Says:

    Sometimes a little island…
    looks EXACTLY like a lady’s privates. I’m just sayin’.

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