Screw you, Maurice Sendak…

The other day I was monkeying around in the lists on Goodreads, and I found NO list of good Jewish picture books.  Nary a one!  There are about 4 trillion lists with the word “Twilight” in the title. But evidently there aren’t enough good Jewish picture books (though as I’ve complained before, we need more) to merit a little list.

Poor  Zlateh the Goat!

So then of course I made my own dang list!

But what do I know?

Won’t you click the link above and add your own favorite Jewish picture books to the list? Or vote for your favorites among ones I’ve included?  And if you blog or tweet or FB, maybe you’ll post to the list?


3 Responses to “Screw you, Maurice Sendak…”

  1. Mom Says:

    I’m so glad that you’re blogging again, Laurel.
    And what a horrifying picture of Sendak’s! Which book?

  2. jessica handler Says:

    Looks like you and I have the same edition of Zlateh The Goat. I loved that book, still do. And Sendak spares no one his mind in his illustrations, which is why I like him so well. He is not cuddly.

  3. Noelle Says:

    What? No Shabbat Box?

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