Jiggity jog…

Home again.  And ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

 Spent the day catching up with myself, and now I’ll begin to catch up with the world (myself being largely a state of mind, the world being made of actual things like, say “laundry” and “bills”)

Really, it’s so good to be here.   

Ate some BBQ. Sat in the southern sun. Saw friends. Wandered aimlessly around the house.

The boys were very glad to get reaquainted with their bath toys.

Not much to report. Just that I’m doing the final edits on Any Which Wall, and we are talking about the cover, and the art, and that is FUN!  Also I’m gettinjg very excited for BEA. 

I ordered real business cards.   Does that make me a businesswoman? 

They have pretty pictures on them, so I’m guessing not…


2 Responses to “Jiggity jog…”

  1. SarahP Says:

    Really final edits already?! Wowza!

    I prefer the term “calling cards” to “business cards.” Because I’m really not in business…

  2. Chris Says:

    Hello Laurel! Was lovely meeting you today at Jakes. I can’t believe there’s a NaPoWriMo and I didn’t know about it! It would have certainly gone better than my recent NaNoWriMo attempt…

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