An actual blog post…

I haven’t taken much time to actually blog lately.  Which feels odd, since it used to be such a massive part of my life. 

There just isn’t time.

But every day, I have thoughts, ideas, useless blips of things I want to share.  And someday… someday I’ll get to all of them.

I wish I had time to tell you about being home– about taking the boys out to the nursery last night to buy plants for my mom’s garden, and watching Mose wander around collecting rocks and fallen blossoms.

I wish I had time to tell you about seeing my amazing sister, and about how excited I am to see the next chapter of her life unfold.

I wish I had time to share all the goings-on of my fellow class member in 2k8.

And I wish I had time to share my thoughts on genre.  I’ve been pretty consumed with how my book makes me feel like a total poser.  I’m not a fantasy author at all, but my book seems to be getting classified as fantasy.  And there’s this whole world out there, of conventions and conferences and terms and points of reference I don’t know… and I wish I could participate in all of that… but I feel like a poser.

I don’t want to be the kid who carries a skateboard around, but can’t ollie.

Which is just another topic I don’t have time to blog about…

4 Responses to “An actual blog post…”

  1. Henry Says:

    I believe it’s spelled “poseur.”

    And you call yourself a writer?


  2. Emma Says:

    You didn’t have time to tell about seeing your too-clever brother either. Luckily he does the work for you.

  3. SarahP Says:

    Oh, the fantasy/sf world. One of its main topics of discussion (aside from whether boob groping at conventions is appropriate) (seriously) is about where the boundaries of the genre lie, whether literary works ‘count’ as sf, whether sf/fantasy writers can ever achieve literary status.

    Michael Chabon won the Nebula award this weekend for Yiddish Policemen’s Union. He freely acknowledges that P.K. Dick is an influence on his work–he did that at a reading here in Iowa City to mostly Workshop people. As a sf/fantasy writer, I was like, “yeah!!”

    Anyway, the definitions are tricky. They’re a lot more about where the book is shelved in the bookstore than about what it actually is. And as it’s a kids’ book, it’ll be shelved in “children’s” instead of in the sf/fantasy section.

  4. Barrie Summy Says:

    Hi Laurel! I’m poking around websites, trying to get a sense of what I should put in my own. Yes, it’s time. And I thought, hmmm….I haven’t check out Laurel’s blog in a while. So, here I am. I loved the content on your website by the way. :)

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