A quote worth remembering…

“My fears about writing for children are great– one can so easily slip into a cheap sort of whimsy or cuteness. I don’t trust myself in this treacherous field unless I am running a degree of fever.”

~EB White to Anne Carroll Moore (pulled from Leonard Marcus’ “Minders of Make Believe)

3 Responses to “A quote worth remembering…”

  1. aquafortis Says:

    That’s a great quote! And that was the exact same cover art that was on my childhood copy of Stuart Little…which I adored.

  2. Frume Sarah Says:

    What an amazing quote. And my copy looks just like that one…complete with the tattered edges. {{sigh…}}} How I love the feel and smell of my childhood books.

  3. riley 8th grader Says:

    thats a great quote! my class is doing a project about Georgia authors and my friend Bethany and i chose you to do the report about…i would love to be able ask you so many questions, but the school has the computer blocked. from what i have read about you..you seem laid back.
    is it possible for you to email me @ goodroe.sandy@marion.k12.ga.us please? if its not to much.(:

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