I have epilepsy.

I have had seizures since  I was a tiny little thing.  The very first was the most horrible.  It was bad. Very bad.  I will spare you the details and just say that I am beyond lucky to be here, and able to type this for you.

I have been blessed to have wonderful doctors, and supportive friends and family.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve (blessedly) outgrown my seizures for the most part. But not entirely.  Regardless of this, epilepsy is/will always be a part of who I am, a formative piece of my identity as a person, mom, writer.  It has not gotten in my way, much, and it has informed my understanding of the world, greatly.

I think growing up with a condition like epilepsy makes you understand the limitations of the body. Makes you grateful for what the body *can* do.  But also for the fact that there are times you’re not in control.  Things you can’t do. And that’s okay.

We are all human.  Electric.  Some of us more electric than others…

March 26th is Epilepsy Awareness Day, and I wouldn’t have known that but for Bookscoops! Join the movement. Check out her blog!  Read a book!  Wear purple!

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  1. elle Says:

    Dear laurel,

    I am not one for woundology but the parallels were too many to ignore!

    I too am a nice jewish girl, with a penchant for words.

    In fact, I have just written a short story for both adults and children, so short that it is only one page!

    I am in the process of painting the illustrations for it right now.

    I have also had idiopathic epilepsy since the age of about twelve.

    Not polite epilepsy but the real lie-down-on-ground-and-pee-in-your-pants kind of epilepsy!

    I have had about a dozen of them over the past three decades or so, just enough to give me a little ‘you never know’ kind of anxiety!

    I love your blog, and often come by to catch up on all things laurel!

    xxx elle

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