… from the land of overthinking, that dark forest full o wraiths, also known as “Laurel’s brain”).  Brought to you by the Boston Globe!

I sat there in the basement for a bit, and thought about the strange journey fairy tales have taken, from the book I held in my hands to recent novelizations of fairy tales for increasingly sophisticated “young adult” readers. These new books are rooted in old stories and fables, but written for today’s teens. They’re not so much retellings as spinoffs.

On fairy tales, trends, and the disappearing middle grade…

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  1. Kris Says:

    Your article gave me goosebumps, Laurel. I’m also of the Disney generation — and really connected w/ your sadness that the fairy tale is on it’s way out. But at the end of your piece, I think I agree with you. We defined the fairy tale in a different way in the twentieth century. It’s just being redefined again.

    I think the retelling of old fairy tales can be done very well. But as trends go — sometimes too much of a good thing, isn’t always a good thing. I’m reading “Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains” with my daughter right now (7) and we’re really enjoying it!

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