Charm City…

We are now in Baltimore, which is (and will always be) home for me. I love it here. I’m very happy. The dogwoods are out and the the azaleas are unfolding.  The boys are delighted to be with “Gammy” and “Gamps”. 

The Seder was wonderful.  Mose had “wine” and sang Dayenu.  Chag Sameach to all.

The husband (who I often leave out of the blog, because he is a more private person than me) is in JAPAN!  And next week he will be in CHINA! 


And I’m writing/ revising/ scrambling to finish this draft of ANY WHICH WALL in time to turn it in for my deadline next Monday, when I head to NY to meet my publicist!!! 


Really, life is pretty fancy these days, if you leave out the poop, mashed nanners, and sleep-deprivation.

How ’bout you?

7 Responses to “Charm City…”

  1. Emma Says:

    Baltimore is the best. Long live Baltimore.

  2. Sandra Beasley Says:

    Laurel–I was so sorry we didn’t get to read together in Baltimore at the i.e. series — but I’m glad you had a good Seder. I’ll be reading at Emory in September, thanks to Bruce Covey…hope to see you then, if not before!

  3. SarahP Says:

    Pretty damn fancy.

    Have a lovely trip, and good luck with the editor wrangling!

  4. Anna Says:

    BaltiMore for LESS Weekend will provide residents with the opportunity to become “tourists in their own town” by enjoying special attractions and parking discounts and a weekend full of special events. Don’t miss out, May 3 and 4, 2008.

    Check out these cool videos I found about downtown Baltimore.

  5. Henry Says:

    You forgot to mention how good the chicken was. The chicken was good.

  6. polli Says:

    Wah! I can’t believe our freaky near miss in VA/WV! And now, having seen with my own eyes, have fallen in love with the area. Whoa, nelly, there’s some beauty there!

    Miss you, petunia. Kisses to the kiddos.

    Chag Sameach.

  7. Kris Says:

    Daggonit! I don’t check in enough to catch you when you are in town. Though perhaps your calendar is too full for old friends, anyhow. ;-)

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