The Penny Dreadful Book Club!!!!

And now… for my next nutty idea…

In 2010, I’m trying out a crazy new scheme, a book club.

Essentially, it works like this– you and your group of kids (class, library book club, bookstore regulars, homeschool community, etc) pick any five of Penny Dreadful’s 20 favorite books from a list I’ll provide (Penny is a BIG reader).

Contact me and tell me which books you’ve chosen, and I’ll supply my own special study guides for each of them (along with a stack of bookmarks for the kids and a poster for your library/store/classroom, listing all the titles).

You simply read and discuss the books you’ve chosen as a group, and then I’ll come and join you for your discussion of the sixth book– Penny Dreadful!

I will do this FREE OF CHARGE for groups of ten or more kids within driving distance, or for just the cost of transportation/hotel if I must travel.  I’m doing this–waiving my fee–because the books on the list are books I love personally, and the idea of kids reading them makes me so happy!  Of course, the idea of kids reading PENNY makes me dance around in circles too, but really, the idea of this club is to get kids reading awesome  books and talking about them in the context of each other– older books and younger books, magic books and non-magic, etc.

So that’s it!  You just hang up the poster, sign up the kids, host a monthly conversation using the study guides, and let me know how it goes. Then I’ll arrive, with my ukelele and silliness, and hang out with you for an afternoon!

Sound fun?  I sure think so!  Details (and downloadable posters) to come.

Also– I should add here that you don’t have to have 10 kids. Adults are allowed to read kidlit too, of course.  And if you have an adult group interested, I’ll bring a bottle of wine!  I would, myself, happily join a middle grade reading group…. especially if there was wine.


3 Responses to “The Penny Dreadful Book Club!!!!”

  1. Shelly Burns Says:

    Laurel, what a great idea! I would LOVE to do this with some of my 3rd and 4th graders at school. Can’t wait for the poster and book list.

  2. The Brain Lair Says:

    This sounds like a cool idea. Would this be doable at middle school level? How about a parent/child book club type thingy (i’m working on something like this)? I try to give kids different book club ideas every year.

  3. Alyson Says:

    This sounds great! Will have to try it out with my students.

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