And another “Oooh!”

Okay, if these kinds of posts drive you nuts, feel free to ignore.  I don’t mean to be braggy, just EXCITED!  For someone like me, who has dreamed of being an author since the 4th grade, this is crazy. Like going to the ball.

But I mean, LOOK!  Libraries have already ordered my book, which doesn’t come out for months and months!

This is, in some ways, the biggest “Oooh!” of all for me. 

I was basically raised by the librarians of the Enoch Pratt Free Library (the library system in Baltimore).  Every day after school I went to the library and waited for my mom to come and pick me up.  I’d help shelve books, and eat my little snack, and read, and sit on the steps and dream of being a writer. No kidding. The librarians babysat me, knew me by name. I made them birthday cards.

In fact, the Enoch Pratt librarians get a big THANK YOU in my book.

So for me, this is like… like… I don’t know…  BIG! 

I’m going to be in the library!

And *that* means that somewhere (come August) little girls will be stranded at libraries in Calgary, reading MY book, and dreaming of writing their own books someday.

How absolutely amazing…

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  1. SarahP Says:


    Librarians are the best.

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