Let’s hang out in DC!!!

As you may know, I’m a fool for conferences, festivals, workshops… really I just enjoy any opportunity to get together with smart people and talk about cool stuff.

And yeah, I may *also* like hotel bars, but that’s not the REAL reason I go to these things.


Well, not this one, anyway.

The people involved in the kidlitosphere–the world of childrens’ lit blogging–are some of the most interesting, diverse, supportive, intelligent people I’ve ever met.  Last year, when they hosted this conference, I wasn’t able to make it. When it was announced in DC this year, I made a promise to myself that I’d go.

So there I’ll be, October 17, in DC, hanging out and talking books, blogs, and goodness knows what else…

I suggest you do the same.

And… ummm… yeah, you *might* see me in the hotel bar.  It’s not impossible.


3 Responses to “Let’s hang out in DC!!!”

  1. Jessie Carty Says:

    Do you ever attend AWP?

  2. laurel Says:

    I always try to be there, but in recent years my childcare situation has made it hard. My last AWP was Atlanta, and I was good and knocked up, so missed most of the fun at the hotel bar!


  3. Sondy Eklund Says:

    Laurel, I’m going to meet you at this conference, so I read Any Which Wall ahead of time. — And I LOVED it! I just posted my review: http://www.sonderbooks.com/Childrens_Fiction/any_which_wall.html

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