What I’m appreciating…

Deb Wiles has a lovely post that makes me feel grateful to know her, and also reminds me to be grateful in general. I think maybe it’s a good time  for everyone to take stock of the little bits of grace that filter through their lives.

I’m feeling most grateful for:

8:00 in the morning. My boys have begun to “sleep in” sometimes, and it is a truly wonderful thing.

Real BBQ.  Daddy D’z in particular. Smoked turkey with the hot sauce, bleeding into a big pile of cole slaw. Nrm.

Transitions of all sorts.  I can’t begin to unpack that or provide an accurate visual aid, but I’m lucky for change.

My friend Sonya, who has been reminding me on a daily basis what friends/strength/family/life are all about.

An editor and an agent who really seem to defy all stereotypes.  Here we are, in the fourth draft of my  book, and they are both still upbeat.

Which brings us to work… for which I’m hugely thankful. How I manage to have meaningful work I enjoy, that also allows me to stay home with Mose and Lew…

I’m still baffled at that one.  But oh, so grateful.

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