Dispatch from the eye of the storm…

We put in 16 hours of highway yesterday (no, Illinois was *not* faster than Missouri).  Home at 12:30, to conk out and wake to bills, doctor appointments, and an empty larder. Hence we will be eating plain noodles and butter for lunch, accompanied by various odd things I find in the freezer.

But God bless Courtney! Nanny supreme! Without whom I would be losing my mind!

I called her from the aforementioned highway in Illinois, to say, “I am in the eye of the storm!  Can you come over in the morning and save me from my insanity?”

Courtney could!

So now, even as I type this, I can hear the kids cackling and chortling as they eat their playdough and bonk each other with wiffle balls.  Hurrah for the sitter who makes all things possible!

Now, I’m off to wash clothes, flea-treat the cat, water the garden (poor garden!), scavenge groceries, harass the customer service folks at Sprint (nasty cell phones), go to the bank, and buy a pair of rainboots, because tomorrow at 6 am I leave for summer camp!  Yes, that’s right, summer camp!  I have been invited to spend a few days at Camp Ramah, in Palmer, Massachusetts, in the company of some wonderful Jewish women writers.  Including one of my very best friends.  And it happens to be raining in Palmer.

But still– CAMP!  So while things are a bit dervishy over here, I really can’t complain.

More later, about our wonderful visit to Iowa, and the hell that is my current WIP, and how much I love beets.  But for now…  you can catch me in other places:

I did an interview with the awesome Meg White, at the  awesome Iowa Source!

I’ve been answering the lovely Query Queen’s questions…

And I had this super fun chat with Ben Kieffer, for the Exchange, a wonderful public radio show in Iowa!

Give a listen!  I managed to avoid using curse words for a FULL HOUR on the radio!  Proving that all things are possible in this great and glorious world.

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