Off to Iowa again…

Yep, Iowa. Again.

It’s just that nice there.

While I’m gone, you can stare at these pictures of things I’ll do while I’m in Iowa:

Eat slow and local…

Visit wonderful friends…

Do my grocery shoppin’ outdoors…

Hang around actual dive bars, where good drinks cost nothin’…

Watch fireflies…

And of course, tour a few historic octagonal barns… in which I’ve done… shhh…  sekrit things…

And if you’re still here, and finished with the pictures, and you’re still bored, you can read this pretty awesome post by John Green, about why a big advance might not be better!

Bye bye!!!

3 Responses to “Off to Iowa again…”

  1. Collin Says:

    Enjoy yourself. :)

  2. ers Says:

    Man, oh, man, I just had a memory of visiting you the summer of 2000. We lay in high grass on the banks of the river, ran through cornfields and ate schnitzel.

    Then we went home and drank whiskey.

    It was nice.

    But the Delmarva is nice too! Don’t you forget that.

  3. Loree Rackstraw Says:

    Laurel — enjoyed your excellent interview this morning with Ben Keiffer on Iowa public radio. Welcome back to Iowa! If you’ll be in Iowa City on July 13, I’ll be reading from my Vonnegut memoir that evening at Prairie LIghts (and intend to buy your books while I’m there.) Would love to meet you.
    Loree Rackstraw, fellow Workshop grad (1966!)

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