A very very cool thing about books and the web…

Okay, I want to share something super nifty in an interweb-as-literary-community way!

When I was writing Any Which Wall, I ran a contest, asking folks to “name my dastardly villain.” As a prize I offered to name a character in my book after the winner.   Well, the winner was a lovely writer named Christy  Lenzi, who submitted the name Wichita (see above) Grim (which I loved, and actually used in the book). Instead of wanting her own name in the book, Christy asked that I give the prize to her daughter, Alex, and so I did! 

Here’s a post over at Christy’s site, with a picture of the REAL Alexandria Lenzi holding a copy of the book in which the imaginary Alexandria Lenzi appears.

I was actually REALLY nervous about what Alex would think, because in the book Alexandria is a sort of snobby girl. A diet-coke girl who doesn’t read books or believe in magic.  And obviously the REAL Alexandria is nothing like that.  But Christy and Alex totally got the joke, and it has been a pleasure meeting the Lenzi tribe!

Yay Lenzis!

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  1. Alexandria Lenzi Says:

    Diet Coke is yucky :P It’s awesome seeing my name in there! I was reading it and then my mom stole it to read to my two monkey bros. They loved listening to it each night. :)

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