Lovely review…

I am absolutely tickled by this wonderful review from Jen Robinson. She’s a kidlitosphere pal of mine, and I admire her passion and energy and opinion a ton, so the review means even more…

“I highly recommend Any Which Wall to anyone who would like a return to reading about magic, a return to old-fashioned stories in which children ride their bikes around unsupervised and eat cake with new acquaintances. It’s Laurel’s gift to readers, and to the ghost of Edward Eager. I think that he’d be pleased. “

Oh, I hope that’s true.  In the back of the book, I acknowledge “the memory of Edward Eager” in hopes his ghost won’t haunt me!!!

Also, just a mention that Jen notes, in her review that the artwork  feels like an update of the mid-century work done by Joe and Beth Krush. I was struck by the very same thing.  It especially reminds me of the illos from Gone Away Lake, a book I love.  I can’t find a piece online right now, but here’s something from The Borrowers, which they also illustrated:

There’s something in the line…

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  1. Jen Robinson Says:

    Glad you found the review, Laurel (I’m just catching up a bit now, after the 48HBC). I thought of Joe and Beth Krush right away. And I’m sure that Edward Eager would be pleased!

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