Long overdue…

My apologies for this very long absence.  I was in Iowa for the funeral, and then when I got home, I realized I didn’t have my power-cord for the computer.  And since I’m a silly and don’t know how to log into my blog on someone else’s laptop, I haven’t been posting at all.

I had planned to start the month of June with some wonderful Edward Eager memories other folks have sent me, along with pics of the kids, and a rant about publishing… but today I just want to catch you up, and thank the nice folks who’ve reviewed Any Which Wall in recent weeks.

First, thank you to Gwenda, who asked me to be part of the SBBT. Her interview was super fun, and I felt bad that I was in transit, and unable to blog aobut it at the time.

Second, thanks to Kate, who has written something smart and thoughtful over at Book Aunt.  I’m a huge fan of her work, and owe her a review for her delightful book, The Runaway Princess.  Go read it!  It’s an award-winner here in GA.

Third, thanks to Eva, who blogged the book, but even better, wrote this incredible review for School Library Journal!

Fourth, thanks to The Old Coot, who has written me the kind of review that makes writing worth the hard hard days, when you doubt everything you do.

Fifth, thanks to Mr. Steve, who not only wrote me the most incredible email ever, but blogged it, and then posted it to Amazon!  NOBODY ever bothers to review me on Amazon, so that goes a long way!

Really, thank thanks thanks to all of you.  And to anyone who’s written me a nice email lately.  When these things pop up in my inbox, they totally make my day. I’ve been slogging through lately, what with the car accidents, rental cars, funerals, cross-country drives, past-due book deadlines, and struggles with the new book.  These are the fireflies in my dark nights.

YAY FOR YOU!  I’m really glad you all like the book.

4 Responses to “Long overdue…”

  1. Beth Kephart Says:

    Glad Colleen has brought us together here; loved reading this reviews and learning more about your work.

  2. Reverie Books Reviews Says:

    WHOOO!! YAY!

    Now I can’t wait to read this lovely book! :D

  3. Steve Brezenoff Says:

    The Bryant Library in Roslyn! I went there as a kid every weekend.

  4. ers Says:

    Where are the pics of the kids? WHERE????

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