The Reading Tub!!!

There are, in the world of children’s literature and literacy, some folks who just go WAY beyond the call of duty.  At the top of that list are the fine folks at The Reading Tub! Their level of preparation, research, professionalism, web skillz, and community building blow me away. I’m not kidding!  If you happen to be a teacher or librarian, or a parent homescooling your kids, or just a serious reader or lover of books, this is a need-to-read site.  And you should REALLY sign up for the newsletter!

Today, I’m honored and thrilled to be interviewed on their blog.  Take a look!

2 Responses to “The Reading Tub!!!”

  1. Kate Coombs Says:

    I opened my new Horn Book Magazine last night and was pleased to find a very nice review of Any Which Wall. Yay, Laurel! (Now I’ll go check out your interview.)

  2. Terry Doherty Says:

    <<>> Thanks, Laurel. It was a lot of fun to read the story-behind-the-stories and share it with our readers. The greatness is all yours … we just ask the questions!

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