A plot…

Okay, so I have 2 small kids and I cannot do a “book tour” in the traditional way.

BUT! I have an idea.  And I need YOUR help.

I am going to make up some “author kits.  In each there will be a copy of my new book, a stack of signed book plates, a cute T-shirt that says,

*I’m* Laurel Snyder
Author by proxy.

I will be happy to send a kit to you, if you will arrange a local reading for me.  You can call up your local bookstore or library, and just say, “Hey!  Can I crash storytime?”

They will say yes.

Then, you will don the shirt, and do a delightful reading in my place. You will “sign” books and you will chat with kids, and I will be very very very grateful to you.

So grateful that if you send me a picture of you, in the shirt, reading from the book at the event… I will thank you, by name, in my next book!

For real!  How’s that?

No, I mean, it, would you do such a thing?


13 Responses to “A plot…”

  1. Kathie Leung Says:

    Sure, but I’d prefer a big button instead of a T-shirt (cheaper, too) cuz me in T-shirts is a scary thing and we don’t need to scare anyone, right?

    You bet I’d do it. I’d like to see a whole network put together, kind of an author-by-proxy so that when an author steps in for another, the act would be reciprocated when the time comes. You are in luck, it might be awhile before it’s time for me to call in the favor.

    You’ve got my email. Send the details! :)

  2. shelburns Says:

    I will help!

    shelcows AT gmail DOT com

  3. dani Says:

    Would you be interested in me doing this for your picture book set in Auckland, New Zealand?

  4. Rie Sheridan Rose Says:

    That sounds amazing. I’d be happy to participate if I can figure out a place to set up — Will get back to you if I can find a good venue. :)

  5. atom Says:

    You know I’m down. We’ll make it happen in St. Paul, Minnesota!

  6. kim/hormone-colored days Says:

    Okay, I’ll bite! Try to arrange something with a class at my boys school or the local library. Drop me a note and we’ll chat. @kimmoldofsky on Twitter

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  8. Robert Rummel-Hudson Says:

    Ha, that sounds awesome! Count me in!

  9. Toni Says:

    Laurel, I am SOOOOO all over this. I will contact the local library and we can get this going together. I am so excited!

  10. Marcela Says:

    Laurel, This is a terrific idea!
    I’m not around any children in your books’ target age. But my sister-in-law teaches elementary school. Send me details and I can hit her up.

  11. ers Says:

    I’m in. And I can even pass for you!

  12. hankus3000 Says:

    i actually play in, coincidentally enough, a sister ray cover band with a guy who works at the central library. i’m sure i can hook something up. he’s a portly fellow, though. will husky shirts be available?

  13. Kimberlee Says:

    I will give it a shot. I will have to find a venue, but think it is an amazingly cool idea. :)

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