Happy Arbor Day (and happy Poetry Friday) !!!

*Arbor Day (last Friday in April)

Trees, trees, glorious trees,
Full of raccoons and beetles and bees,
Full of red robins and woodpeckers too,
And if you’ve a tree house, perhaps full of YOU!

It isn’t just meant for the green leafy trees,
The bark and the branches, the roots and the leaves.
Arbor Day means you should stop for a minute,
In front of a tree, and consider  what’s IN IT!


That’s a little poem from a picture book that will probably never see the light-o-day, “12 Months of Silly: a neglected holiday songbook.” The premise of the book is that Xmas has stolen all the songs, so that poor holidays like Arbor Day and Halloween get no musical love…

Hence the “never see light-o-day” thang.

Hope you like it!

Also, may I take a moment to say that my parents didn’t love me enough to provide me with a treehouse.  For which I continue to resent them.

5 Responses to “Happy Arbor Day (and happy Poetry Friday) !!!”

  1. jbtidwell Says:

    Great poem & a really fantastic book concept!

  2. Kelly Polark Says:

    I love trees! What a delightful poem for Arbor Day! Love it!!!
    I subbed for third graders yesterday and we were discussing all the different animals that lived in dead and living trees.

  3. mom Says:

    uh…. as some of your parents saw it, we DID give you a treehouse: 19 Overhill Road.
    we being all about treehouses.
    we’re waiting to see Mose’s and Lewis’s treehouse.

  4. Carrie Anne Says:

    I love the concept for your book, but then I’m a sucker for holiday anything. We never had a treehouse growing up either, but we had an amazing tree. It was a ship, a village, a school, a hot air balloon. Who needs a treehouse when you have all that :-) Where is the picture from?
    I just popped over from your Poetic Asides interview. Really enjoyed it.

  5. Vania Says:

    LOVE the poem!!!

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