Just a small town girl…

Living in a…

Big City.

I just got back from the Alabama Book Festival, in Montgomery. And it  never fails…

Whenever I’m getting settled into myself, my life, my town, I go and visit some little southern town, and remember that I wish I were living someplace… littler.

The festival was such fun!  Saw Sebastian and his lovely wife Ali, and had a crazy night of talktalktalk and wine with some great poets.  Ended up in a loft full of Mose Tolliver. Was totally blown away by Douglas Kearney and his powerful reading.  Met the delightful Mary Pope Osborn, and her equally delightful sister, Natalie Pope Boyce.  Toured the town and ate too much, and read to kids, and really had a blast!

But more than that, it was just nice to be in a  little place. All green and rusted and quiet.  A place with history, and nice people.  Reminded me a lot of Chattanooga when I moved there, in 1992.

And it didn’t hurt that many of the poets were from Louisville and Asheville.  So much of the conversationw as about how great those towns, and small cities in general, are.

Of course, in the end, I’m always glad to come home, to my boys.  But really, Montgomery, you wowed me! THANKS!

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