Iowa was already…

…one of my very favorite places, what with the writing and the corn and the shnitzel and the good good people and the falling-down-barns, and the music and the open spaces and the family and the tidal-wave-of-springtime.

But now it has proven itself again.


Yay, IOWA!  Yay, LOVE!  Yay, midwestern-blend-of-traditional-American-spirit-and-actual-family-values-and-smalltown-heart-combined-with-basic-respect-for-all-people!!!!!

Iowa is smart and real and human and loving. Iowa don’t care who you kiss, so long as you’re happy!

Cranky old farmers may not LIKE gay marriage, but for the most part, *they* don’t like *anything*… and at least  in IOWA, they know how to mind their own business.

Oh, joy.

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