How awesome is THIS???

Any Which Wall has received its first REVIEW, and the review is GOOD. But it’s not from Kirkus, or PW, or SLJ, or Horn Book, or any of the usual suspects…

It’s from Jade Newton, a kid in Vermont, who says:

Although this book’s theme is magic, there is a sense of reality to it. The characters are normal kids with normal lives, and even Merlin is portrayed as the person he most likely was rather than a storybook version of someone whose powers are “supernatural.” This helps us to believe that the “impossible” might be more possible, than we may think.

This is exactly how I want the book to be read, and it means even more coming from an actual human kid-person, an actual reader. Yay, JADE!  Thank you!

3 Responses to “How awesome is THIS???”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Hey Laurel, when is the book coming out? I would love for the 4th graders who saw you in November to read the book and review it before school get out in May. They still talk about your visit!

  2. Hankus Says:

    If she thinks the lives of Henry, Emma, Roy and Susan were “normal,” she clearly missed something…

  3. Jade Newton Says:

    oh my god! i was looking at your site and saw your blog post i was the person who reviewed your book! i was participating in a group at school in Brattleboro, VT run by Flo Nestor. We wrote reviews of books that had not yet been published and i chose yours. i loved it and thought it was brilliant! im 13 years old now and aspire to be a published writer one day myself! :)

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