Back home…

Wow, New York is always insane. But this time it was even more insane than usual.

All in one day (Friday) I hit Ess-A-Bagel (I like scallion cream cheese and tomato on sesame), AQUAVIT for vodka-lunch (I found the cucumber best, but the mango chile was good too), a quick vodka-induced chat with Patience and Fortitude (followed by a more lengthy chat with some supersmart  NYTimes reviewers, convened by the always-awesome Mizz Bird), Enids for a “cool” drink, and BAM (for the astounding Batsheva).  I also ate mediocre Thai food, saw good friends, watched  a movie, and snuggled a new baby in Brooklyn.

The following day I spent in a conference I’m not going to tell you much about, since I’m not sure I’m allowed, and also it was a conflicting (though meaningful) experience for me, one I have yet to unpack.  Then I crashed at my best friend’s apartment, with wine and take-out Italian food.  We fell asleep to Fred and Ginger.

Then on Monday, I headed uptown to meet a co-conspirator and her awesome husband for ginger coffee and good conversation.  And after that the aforementioned conspirator and I  went to meet the fabulous Tina Wexler (agent-to-the-stars but also to little old me) at her fancy office.  Where I resisted the temptation to sneak around the building, looking for movie stars and rappers.

Steak and eggs followed, and then… home home home… to a fast approaching deadline and my BABIES!  Who beat even wonderful NYC all hollow.

Funny, how the PB&J tastes better after a few days of “adult” living.

2 Responses to “Back home…”

  1. Collin Says:

    I am quite hungry now. Or maybe just thirsty for a good vodka drink.

  2. ers Says:

    your babies do beat NY all hollow. the fact that yesterday I bought a plane ticket to atlanta instead of a bus ticket to NY speaks to this very truth.

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