Please excuse my absence…

Sorry I’ve been away…

I am completely absorbed in thinking about my house, my neighborhood, and the fact that I need to find/create the right school for Mose and Lew asap.  So I am creating Facebook groups, joining online groups, trying to find likeminded neighbors, visiting local schools and PTA meetings, and generally being out in the world as much as possible.

I can’t wait for tides to turn.  I need change to come NOW.  In a big way.

Can we attend our local public school?


3 Responses to “Please excuse my absence…”

  1. Kathy Says:

    you can always move out to the burbs and the kids could come to my school :)

    You ROCK for what you are doing – I wish more parents got involved – and I am feeling a little guilty for not being as involved as I once was in my daughters school….

  2. Kelly Polark Says:

    I think it is smart to get as much information as you can and be a big presence in the school and community! Congrats on blog of the week!

  3. Blair Says:

    I live near you (I think? we met once a long time ago, at an East Lake Terrace meeting) and I have similar concerns about my daughter’s future (she’s 2). Props to you for getting yourself out there and taking action. So far I’ve just done a lot of hand-wringing. Link to the Facebook group? Thanks!

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