Looks pretty official…

I don’t think I’m dreaming. The website is up so, I think I can reveal…

…that ANY WHICH WALL is a Junior Library Guild selection!

I’m kind of astounded by this. The book doesn’t come out until late May, and I wasn’t expecting any kind of “news” so early.  I wasn’t *really* expecting any kind of news at all, to be honest.


For those of you who don’t know, JLG is a sort of book club for libraries. They’re an amazing organization, whose editors read copious numbers of books, and then select a lucky few to be included in their lists.  Libraries (and I think a lot of school libraries) can then order these titles, in sets, for a fee.  As I understand, it’s especially useful for smaller libraries, who don’t have the staff to read every ARC that comes down the pipe. So they order from JLG in areas where they have less expertise or focus.

Like, say I was a librarian in a small school, and the school had need for good books about cooking shellfish in zero gravity.  Now, I know NOTHING about cooking shellfish in zero gravity, and hence would not be able to identify the very BEST books about cooking shellfish in zero gravity. BUT  I’d be able to order the JLG set of books about shellfish in zero gravity, selected for me by someone who knows shellfish.

Okay, so that’s just silly. There isn’t a set of books about THAT.  But you get the idea…

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  1. Marietta Says:


    This is awesome news! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


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