End-o-the-year listing…

Everyone I know appears to be making “best of” lists for 2008.  I wanted to make a big list myself, but I’m lazy, and besides–the longer the list gets, the less committed I feel to the absolute wonderfulness of the books on it.  So here are my top four books of 2008:

My One Hundred Adventures, Polly Horvath (middle grade)

The Girl Who Could Fly, Victoria Forrester (middle grade)

The Doughnut Chef, Bob Staake (picture book)

The Elephant Wish, Lou Berger (picture book)

There are a lot of books I’d think about adding if I needed a longer list. Among them are the Willoughbys, Tennyson, Jerk, California,  and a slew of others…  But they aren’t books I LOVE.  These four, the books above, are books I’ll return to again and again. I just know it.

Obviously, these are all books for kids.  The combined effect of having two toddlers in the house, and doing “research” for my own writing.  I do read adult novels too, and poetry. But I didn’t read anything this year for grownups that came close to Horvath’s use of language.

Polly Horvath rocks my world.

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  1. Miss Erin Says:

    I just finished My One Hundred Adventures and was bowled over by the writing. It was brilliant – so sharp and truthful and beautiful.

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