In the midst of bleak publishing news…

Allow me to offer an amazing glimmer of loveliness from Random House.

I just opened  a package, an envelope I found on my doorstep…

And inside I found this… a leatherbound, gilded, cloth edition of Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains.  It smells like an old library, and feels like a bible. It has a silk bookmark thingy in it, and it is the most gorgous object I’ve ever owned.  Seriously.

I’m not sure how or why my editor did this, what moved her to dream this up.  But I am completely and totally floored.

Since this ride of mine began, I have been surprised again and again by the individuality and humanity of Random House.  It is a family of people who treat me like a person and do all they can to make me feel valued.  And whatever may be happening in the business offices, I’m here to tell you that the editors and publishers at Random House Books for Young Readers are an astounding bunch.


31 Responses to “In the midst of bleak publishing news…”

  1. SarahP Says:


    That’s amazingly wonderful.

  2. Amanda French Says:

    How gorgeous! Nothing like a real book, is there. Unless it’s your very, very own.

  3. Gretchen Laskas Says:

    How thoughtful! And what a welcome story right now.

  4. LitPark Says:

    That single move erases all the bad news I’ve heard this month. A truly lovely thing.

  5. Kat Meyer Says:

    That’s so cool. what a really wonderful gift. You know – there are some very special people in the world of book publishing. Happy Holidays, Laurel.

  6. Ellen Booraem Says:

    Laurel! What a great thing for your editor to do, especially now. Fantastic.

  7. Andrea Ross Says:

    Yowza! That is GORGEOUS! Congratulations!!

  8. Anne Says:

    oh! That is BEAUTIFUL! What a wonderful thing for her to do. That makes my day!

  9. Rebecca Flowers Says:

    Wow, it doesn’t seem at ALL random there! It seems quite intentional. How beautiful.

  10. RM1(SS) (ret) Says:

    Wow, indeed! That’s beautiful.

  11. Collin Says:

    Beautiful book. Definitely something to treasure. I’m sure it will be in the Laurel Snyder Library & Museum one day. ;-)

  12. Anamaria Says:

    Oh my. Now that is a gift! Congratulations to you and to the folks at Random House, who know a good thing when they’ve got one.

  13. Charlotte Says:

    How lovely!

  14. Jody Feldman Says:

    What a treasure!

  15. Chris Eldin Says:

    I’m over from Facebook–that is amazing and beautiful! What a great way to spread positive energy!
    I can almost smell the leather…

  16. Lee Wind Says:

    How fantastic! An heirloom, for sure!

  17. Miss Erin Says:

    Oh my word that’s AMAZING. Wow. So so so so cool.

  18. Jen Says:


  19. rebecca cook Says:

    That has to be the most thrilling thing! Wow!

  20. BreeAnne Clowdus Says:

    Well isn’t that something to make you believe in something a little magical again . . . beautiful.

  21. Bookie Woogie Says:

    Very very cool

  22. Elizabeth O. Dulemba Says:

    Wow – what a treasure, and what a wonderful experience you’ve had. Very cool. :) e

  23. Kristen Eckstein Says:

    WOW – what a great idea! Talk about a unique gift. Gotta keep that in mind for my authors. :) Thanks for the post & the pictures – they’ve inspired me!

  24. Margay Says:

    I love old books, so of course I think that’s gorgeous!

  25. Jen Robinson Says:

    That is really great, Laurel. Thanks for sharing a positive experience!

  26. Beth Kephart Says:

    Your Christmas becomes ours. Thank you for sharing this.

  27. polli Says:

    When I am a librarian (in two short years) I will share your books with everyone everyone EVERYONE! And I won’t shush anyone who is laughing out loud at the good parts.

  28. Terry Doherty Says:

    Wow! What a wonderful treasure! The pics made me want to run my hand on the computer screen to feel the binding & pages. Beautiful.

  29. a. fortis / Finding Wonderland Says:

    Wow, that is really very cool! Congrats! Also, thanks for sharing the heartening story.

  30. michael Says:

    Cool. So where do you buy one pf those neat looking editions?

  31. Donny Bailey Seagraves Says:

    Hi Laurel,

    That book is absolutely beautiful!!! As a fellow Random House author (debut middle grade novel GONE FROM THESE WOODS is coming out August 25, 2009) I can verify how wonderful and human and best in the world those people who work for that publisher are. Best of luck to you. No matter what’s happening in the financial world, we must keep on writing, and hopefully publishing.

    All the Best,
    Donny Bailey Seagraves

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