Brains and boredom…

So… this morning, Mose says to me, “Mom, my brain is getting too bigger. Thas why I’s so bored.”

Hey, wait! where did he learn about brains? Who told him? Along with porn, death, guns, nazis, and smurfs, I’ve been trying to keep him away from learning about brains.

In any case, I explained to him that boredom is actually a sign that you aren’t using your brain. Then I gave him a mound of sculpting clay, a physics text (at the suggestion of Mobius), a guitar, and a cookbook.  I figure he’ll find his form.

In a related story, Amanda French never gets bored.  Whenever she has a down moment she makes amazing things like this!

If you facebook, twitter, vox, myspace, gchat, or lurk in chatrooms and forums, etc, etc… you REALLY need to give her song, “All my internet friends” a listen.


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  1. Sandra Beasley Says:

    Oh my goodness, Amanda French! We were in a UVA workshop together back in the day, but I didn’t know what she was up to now. Many thanks for the flashback. = )

    Sandra in DC

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