Whirly windy…

Okay, so it’s 9 am, and as soon as the sitter arrives (bless her) I’m jumping in the car (which is already packed) and  dashing of to a school visit north of town.

That’ll be wonderful, but interstate driving in ATL makes me nuts You never know when a truck of mattresses will overturn and make you late.

Then, soon as I’m done, I’ll race home, toss the kids in the car, wipe their faces, check to make sure we have both “nye nyes” and my license, the only true necessities to travel. (clothes and my laptop matter, but thanks to Googledocs and Target I can survive without them. Not so the nye-nyes)

We’ll rush to the airport, park in the daily lot, and somehow I will manage to get both kids, two carryons, a suitcase, and a stroller through several lots to the terminal.

Then we’ll arrive in Iowa, where we’ll be met by my wonderful in-laws, who will whisk us off to visit with the boys’ Great-Grandma in Illinois. Since she’s heading up to MN for turkey and tonight will be their only chance to see her.

When they conk out or lose their minds from crankiness (or we do) we’ll all drive back to Iowa City for a night of rest before I wake up tomorrow and do a library visit, a creative writing class for kids!

But then… then… THEN!!!

Then I will be done, and I will be delighted to hunker down and spend a week in Iowa City, wandering and noshing and sipping and chatting with some of my favorite people in the world.

I will go see my old friend Dustin play slide guitar at the Sanctuary with my darling Sonya. I will work on Penny Dreadful at the Java House.  I will eat something yummy at the Motley Cow. I will pick up a Nutcracker pizza from the Wedge. I will stop by Hillel and rant about something at Jerry. I’ll have a drink at the Foxhead for the sake of old (dark) times. And I’ll sit at the kitchen table with my mother-in-law and catch up. And of course I’ll take the boys all over, and show them my Iowa City.

But first… first… first  the highway, and the airport.

Wish me luck!

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