In case you didn’t know…

I’m a mom. And now, thanks to Sondra, I’m a  happy, healthy, hip mom!

I absolutely love talking about parenting. I know a lot of people don’t agree with everything I think, so I try not to rant too hard about parenting too often.  It’s just  so close to the bone for so many of us. (and boring for everyone else)   But this was fun!

And in fact, my feelings about google-parenting and Purell are something of a preview… for the novel I’m writing. Watch out overly neurotic mommies… I’m coming for YOU!

Thanks, Sondra!

3 Responses to “In case you didn’t know…”

  1. Sarah Rettger Says:

    Ever checked out FreeRangeKids? Seems like your kind of thing.

    And let’s not talk about why I have parenting blogs in my reader when I’m far from acquiring any kids of my own…

  2. Kerry Says:

    I am currently google-pregnanting. Does the urge to google never stop?

    I liked the interview.

  3. Kathy Says:

    I love the Purell Mom comment – LOL – that is SO not me – kids are suppose to get germy and messy!!

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