Kinda funny…

Slidy Diner just got this great little review at the Kid Lit Kit blog, over at Scholastic.

I hadn’t conceived of the book as especially pie-referential, but I’ll take it!

After all, I LOVE pie, and the Hamburg Inn #2 (the diner that inspired the book) is FAMOUS for its  pie shake.

Do not ask me what a pie shake is.  if you cannot figure that out for yourself, I have no use for you.

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  1. Kathy Says:

    funny story – I read the book to the kids that will be joining us on Friday and I had to explain to a few of them (4th graders) what a diner was!!!

    After reading and explaining, I also got a hankering for a burger at the Kenmore diner in Worcester, MA – my diner hangout!

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