The Blog Blast Tour…

Miss Erin has done a really fun interview with me, as part of the Blog-blast tour.

I’m really grateful to her for this one. I love love love being given the chance to mull (in public) about the distinctions betwen “adult” writing and books for kids, as well as the differences between the genres I tinker with.  I think its important stuff, but since blogs tend to be devoted to one “type” or another, I find that most interviews are wholly about poetry, and others are entirely about kidlit.

I really relish the chance to talk about them simultaneously, and want to thank Miss Erin!  I only wish I could meet her in person, for a coffee or soemthing, and chat for hours about this geeky wonderful topic.

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  1. Maddee Says:

    I came over from Miss Erin’s site, and yes, she is fantastic. I want to be her when I grow up. Except I don’t think either of us will ever grow up in the normal sense of the phrase. And that’s a lucky thing, because apparently, there are kid/youthlit authors out there who are the same way! I loved the interview, and will be hitting Borders in the next few days for some new reading material…

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