I’m Cynsational!!!

I’m honored to be interviewed today at Cynthia Leitich Smith’s place! I won’t pretend you don’t know Cynthia. Lots of folks  know Everyoneknows Cynthia…


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  1. Andrea Ross Says:

    Congratulations, Laurel! I really enjoyed your response. I thought it was interesting that you felt more in control of the online world than of your own stories. Although the absentminded-business of getting your name out there to the endless number of possible readers was easier than the writing — I suspect you are actually far more in control of the outcome of your work.

    Glad I popped over here. I had no idea you had a book illustrated by the fabulous Jaime Zollars and your banner made me feel immediately glad I came.

    Wishing you loads of success

  2. Ayse Erin Says:

    Honestly I didn’t know who Cynthia was. I’m now glad I know, so thank you! As they say in my native country: “There’s no shame in not knowing but there is in not willing to learn”(Translated by myself from Turkish: Bilmemek ayip degil, ögrenmemek ayip).
    Nice interview!

  3. Jill Esbaum Says:

    Laurel, Just read your interview at Cynsations. BOY, can I relate to your frustration at losing control of submitting (even though I love my agent). And the waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Especially this past year. Anyway, great interview!

  4. Chris Eldin Says:

    Hi Laurel,

    Great interview! I can’t imagine being addicted to this ebb and flow though. But….

    I have to share something—I just finished my second manuscript, and I’ve just started querying. I’ve been going through the agents listed on Agent Query who like humor, and I came across Tina Wexler. I saw your name! YAY! Anyway, I just queried her. She’s number 24. That’s it for now. I’ve had 4 rejections, one request for a full, and one invitation to re-query after the holidays. It’s only been a week and a half. But every hour I’m checking email….. and surfing. Just like you said in your interview. It IS addictive, that part anyway!!

    Good luck with your sales!!!!

  5. Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves Says:

    awesome! must check out.

  6. Tara Says:

    I need to read this interview…

    I just zipped over here from Cynthea Liu’s blog. I loved hearing from a SAHM-turned-author. That’s my journey right now, so it’s inspiring to read about your success. Congratulations.

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