I only wish…

We could’ve delivered Georgia.

Last night was amazing, gigantic, alive.  Mose and Lewis didn’t understand what was happeneing around them, not really.  Mostly they were excited about the cookies and strawberries.

But I kept thinking that this fabulous man will be THEIR president, as Carter was mine.  They will know his name, his face, see the effects of his conviction in the world they inhabit.

I cried (tears of happiness) to think that they were going to form their early understandings of country in THIS America, not the broken America we left behind yesterday.

Nobody can say what will happen now. Our country is terribly bewildered, lost in the sea of dollars and wars, off kilter and inequal.  But I do believe that if anyone can do this, can inspire US to do this, repair our world, it is Barack Obama.

Be glad.

3 Responses to “I only wish…”

  1. Collin Says:

    Yes we can…and yes we did! See you Saturday night!

  2. Alex Bledsoe Says:

    I felt the same way for my boys, too. I saved one of our Obama signs (someone snatched the other one) to show my youngest what happened during his first year. The morning after the election, as I watched them both playing in their pajamas, I realized it was the first time I’d felt more hope than worry for their futures.

  3. Victoria Says:

    It was an awesome night. I cried, too. Definitely tears of happiness, overwhelmed by the possibilities that now exist.

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