It’s been a long long long long time…

I don’t post here often, and for that I apologize.  Though I’m not sure this blog gets much traffic these days, so maybe that’s just fine…

But so much has happened since November, that I felt the need to take a moment and say so.

First of all, we had an election! (it didn’t go exactly as we hoped, but good things happened, and the I’m optimistic for the future. Stacey Abrams is a goddess. We haven’t heard the last of HER.)

Then we had a bar mitzvah!  (and WOW, did Mose do an amazing job. We were overwhelmed and moved by having so many of our loved ones here. The whole thing was incredible)

Finally, I finished a book…  (which will be in bookstores in September, and I hope you’ll give it a go.)

Of course, many other things happened too.  But these three November events were enough to turn me into a very tired lunatic.  And I’ve just now barely recovered, to be honest.

And that’s a good thing too, because we’re heading into a busy (if not quite SO busy) spring.  I’m at work on a graphic memoir called FAIRY HUNTER, with hopes to finish it over the next few months.  And Charlie & Mouse EVEN BETTER will be out in April, so I’ll be on the road (WI, MD, MO, CA, and CHINA) quite a bit, doing events and school visits to support the book.

Maybe I’ll see you out there…


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