Report from the nest…

I’m leaving today for Nashville, for a whirlwind 30 hours of time alone. Or rather, time with people I didn’t make.  I’m excited!

But that’s not what I want to post about.  I want to take a second to just say hello.  Life has been crazy lately. It always is, but lately it has been a little extra crazy, busy, frenzied.  I’m delighted of course, as I’m a frenzy kind of chaos girl, but I’m also aware that I haven’t been able to take time, for myself, or other people.

So I want to ask… how *are* you?  How have you been?

And I want to tell you that over here, at my place, we’re really good. Maybe better than we’ve ever been.  Lew is understanding so much of what we say– shaking his little head yes and no to questions, and following directions, and asking for specific people, and pointing at things he wants very specifically.  And Mose is a BOY. He really is–in his “skateboard shoes”. He likes some songs and not others, he explains things to me in detail, tells me about his day, misses people when they’re gone.  Speaking of which, Chris is getting ready for a trip to Holland, liking his work, and longboarding on the weekends.   And me, I’m writing.  I’m finishing edits on the new book, and starting another.  I’m growing my hair out, as always.  I’m making real dinners again, at long last.

And we’re all dreaming, and talking, about the future. About new things that might be poking their heads out, waving at us from far off.  It’s exciting!

And we’re concerned, as everyone is concerned, about the economy and the world.  But for once we’re living what feels like a “real” life, settling nicely into patterns, routines.

Things are good.

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  1. Kaethe Says:

    I’m glad things are good for you, and hope they continue. It’s lovely to read about how sweet normal life is.

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