Something on the horizon…

It has taken a long long time for Orphan Island to become a THING, an object, a pile of actual paper.  But it was absolutely worth the wait.

The book won’t be out for months, but already a few advance copies are floating around in the world, and a few people are reading my words.  I’m nervous and thrilled and proud and frightened and overwhelmed…

Especially by these blurbs.  Beyond honored.  Teary-eyed, really.

So many feelings…


“A visionary, poignant, astonishingly lovely fable of childhood and change. This is a book to lose yourself in, and to never forget.”

(Anne Ursu, author of THE REAL BOY)


“ORPHAN ISLAND is a masterpiece—both timeless and immediate. Snyder’s book, like the island within it, contains all of the joys, wonders, and terrors of childhood. Every young reader needs this book; every grown reader needs it even more.”

(Jonathan Auxier, New York Times bestselling author of THE NIGHT GARDENER)

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