On our way to the THRIFT SHOP…

Today, Lew and I had an hour to kill, before we needed to pick Mose up from school. I decided to run some errands, and stopped home to pick up a big bag of clothes for the thrift shop, as well as a laundry basket full of books…

ew did NOT like my idea of donating the basket of books.

But then we drove by a Little Free Library, situated right at Lew’s old preschool, and he said he thought it might be okay to donate a few books to the Ormewood School.   So we did that.

Then we drove a little further down Woodland, and found…. THIS!

Wow, Lew was really impressed with the metalworking!  He rewarded the library with a few books.

We continued to head to the thrift shop, but guess what we ran into, right on that same street?

After that we dropped off the big bag of clothes, and it was time to head back to the school to get Mose.  But on our way we got a little sidetracked…

And then, at the elementary school itself, we simply couldn’t resist…

By now we only had about half the books left!  And when Mose heard what we’d been doing, he wanted in on the fun.  So we drive the 2 miles home verrrry slowly home, and we found…




All on our drive home from school!

Now we were down to four books (which someone insisted we could NOT give away). So we decided to go home for a snack.

But not without doubling back to one of our previous stops first.  Because, as Lew explained, “Mose, you have GOT to see the faucet.”

Faucet? What faucet?


Man, I love my neighborhood.

6 Responses to “On our way to the THRIFT SHOP…”

  1. kell andrews Says:

    How fun! What a great way to spend a day.

  2. laurel Says:

    A day? It was under an hour! But now I DO want to spend a day that way…

    It would be a neat way to visit a city.

  3. Victoria Says:

    Thanks Laurel for documenting all these little gems!

  4. Victoria Says:

    Thanks Laurel for documenting all of these little gems!

  5. Julia Kelly Says:

    Wow…you must live in a book loving neighborhood !

  6. Dawn Says:

    This is beautiful. We have one in our neighborhood made by an architect who used a half wine barrel (we live near wine country). I drive by it every day, thinking I must stop. Or at least walk down and see what’s there. Thanks for the reminder of the beauty we have right in front of us!

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