Palin vs. books…

That Palin tried to ban A Wrinkle in Time is horrific.  That she attempted to do the same to the dictionary is absolutely HILARIOUS! (as pointed out in the comments, this information has not yet been proven. It doesn’t matter much, as there’s plenty to despise in Palin without this, and it’s pretty clear to me that she has the spirit of a book-banner, whether or not she’s been given the opportunity to prove it)

As scary as the world is, it never fails to entertain.

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3 Responses to “Palin vs. books…”

  1. Kaethe Says:

    That she tried to fire the library director seems creditable, but that particular list of books has nothing to do with her. There’s no evidence that she tried to ban any specific titles. Be afraid though, she’s a believer in loyalty tests.

  2. john k Says:

    Laurel, I too am more than a bit skeptical about Sarah Palin, but I am concerned with authenticity. I have been trying to trace back that list to a creditable source, but can find none, only one blogger pointing to another. You are a respected writer and blogger and believe you should strike those examples until you can reference a verifiable source.

  3. Laini Says:

    Oh Laurel, thanks for this — I had not found a list of the books she wanted to ban. This is so wonderful, in such a horrible, horrible way. Seeing poster’s comments above, I will keep my eye open for any more information about the list. HORRIBLE!!!

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