Bad mommy…

I was informed today at “school” that Lew does not eat his lunch.  Evidently he steals strawberries and chunks of cheddar cheese from others, and ignores his own food.

“But I packed both fruit and cheddar cheese today myself!” I said.

“Yeah, I asked the other kids if they wanted to share his banana,” explained Lew’s teacher (whom I adore) apologetically.  “I asked if they wanted to swap, but nobody did.  And I guess he likes his cheese cut up into smaller chunks.” She shrugged.

And I laughed.

OF COURSE he wants to eat strawberries all day. Who doesn’t?

OF COURSE he wants what he can’t have.  He’s my son.

Nevertheless, to avoid any further bad-mommy gossip about me (there is plenty already I’m sure, what with the cheap shoes and the un-cut-up grapes and the fact that my sons don’t own helmets or wear sunscreen every single day) I will send him off tomorrow with strawberries. I will mince his cheese.

But good lord– she asked them?  They’re ONE!

Oh, did I mention I also like to spank my kids all day long? In public whenever possible!

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2 Responses to “Bad mommy…”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    There is nothing wrong with a nice spank.

    Of course, my kids tell the pediatrician that they get a Whack Attack when they are in trouble. She gave me a handout on Time-Outs.

  2. Alex Bledsoe Says:

    My oldest son (now 4) and I play a game where we pretend-fight using our “Fists of Death” (and tickle each other using the “Pinky of Despair,” but that’s another story). It’s all silliness and giggles, until I go to pick him up at day care care and at the first sight of me he screams, “It’s the Fist of Death!” and runs to hide. Took several minutes of explaining that I don’t regularly beat him. They still look at me a little sideways.

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