Blog tour stop #1: Amy Guth!

Amy (who is just about the hottest, smartest, Jewish-est writer I know) helps me ask the citizens of blogistan:  What was your favorite book as a kid?

In answering the question herself, she confesses a deep and abiding love for Dorrie the Little Witch!

But what was YOUR favorite book as a kid?  Blog it up, people!

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5 Responses to “Blog tour stop #1: Amy Guth!”

  1. stacy Says:

    i must have read frances hodgson burnett’s a little princess once a year every year until puberty. i think i read it for the first time around 7 or 8.

    i also loved the phantom tollbooth, the narnia chronicles, and any mythology i could get my hands on that my (at the time) fanatically evangelical parents wouldn’t claim was of the devil.

  2. stacy Says:

    oh yes. i was also totally obsessed with dare wright’s edith and little bear books–they are still so enchanting for me and i think some of the very first photography i remember encountering.

  3. Tina Says:

    My favorite picture book was THE CAT WHO WORE A POT ON HER HEAD, which I suspect is now out of print. A quick check on Amazon would probably confirm, but I think I’d rather not know. It’s about um, a cat who wore a pot on her head. I don’t know why exactly. Shortage of hats? Maybe. But because there’s a pot on her head, she can’t hear all that well, so whenever she’s instructed to do something, she gets it all wrong. It’s not the most original or the most freshly-illustrated, but I was nuts about cats when I was younger (okay, I kinda still am) and it’s full of silly word play. Middle grade and YA…I think there are too many to pick. I’ll have to think on that one…

  4. Amy Guth Says:

    Shucks! Glad to have you at the bloggity-blog. Come visit again anytime.

  5. Dorrie Says:

    For me, it was The Silver Crown by Robert O’Brien. That book drew me in and I read and re-read it often. On a sidenote, due to my name, I had the Dorrie books until adulthood ;)

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