Roast me? Roast my book???

So, on Tuesday (which is the BIG DAY)  I’ll be online all day at Book Roast, chatting with folks and making a general fool of myself (no surprise there I guess).  And I would beg you stop by for a number of reasons.

1. I’m scared nobody will come, and I’ll look silly.
2. I’m nervous about the book  and could use your love, generally.
3. Book Roast is awesome fun and you should check it out.
4. You could win a free book.
5. It benefits Reach Out and Read!!!

Pretty please, won’t you stop by, and maybe even help me spread the word?

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One Response to “Roast me? Roast my book???”

  1. polli Says:

    OMG! Tomorrow is the big day!!! I wish I could zap down and be your gopher, ahem, personal assistant for the day (all the big authors have one) and bring you lattes and danishes and dab your forehead when you get too shvitzy from all the rapid-fire signing and witty banter!

    I’m as proud as if you were my very own baby. Sniff.

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