The cruelest month is coming…

The fourthest month of every year,
Is meant for verse,
and so right here,
I plan to host a daily lunch
Of poems ripe for you to munch.

But unlike NaPo years gone by,
I now announce I plan to try
and write for kids.  Four lines each day!
A tiny act of wordsmithplay.

Yes, here you’ll find a daily pun,
Or rhyme, or other silly fun.
A quatrain meant for kids. Hooray!
But not for days. Now go away!

 April approacheth, and stalking in its shadow is NAPOWRIMO, that juggernaut of poetic output. Here’s the deal: through the efforts of countless poets nationwide, National Poetry Month is transformed into National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), and thus from ugly duckling into Giant Robot Duckling That Destroys Cities through the Might of its Verse.Those who accept the NaPoWriMo challenge must commit themselves to writing a poem every day for the entirety of April. Those who accept this challenge may choose to post those poems on blogs, keep them in their notebooks, or hire underemployed skywriters to decorate urban cloudscapes with their output.

5 Responses to “The cruelest month is coming…”

  1. Collin Says:

    I like the new blog and site. :)

  2. Sara Says:

    Awesome idea. When worlds collide… (cue SF music here.)

    Your new digs are quite lovely. I’m a teeny bit jealous. Okay, a lot jealous of your artwork.

  3. your very own mom Says:

    that’s pretty cute, Laurel.
    and it’s also very VERY good!
    … and it brings back a memory………
    Milne? Ogden Nash?
    I have a childhood memory of reciting verses like that and being very happy.

  4. cloudscome Says:

    I was thinking this exact same thing this morning! I’d love to join you.

  5. SarahP Says:

    April will be the best month!

    As long as it stops being February. I think it’s snowing outside right now…

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