A CONTEST (& book giveaway!)

So I’m sitting her in a big pile of books, and I’m thinking I should give a few away.


How’s about this?

You’ll post  a little story to your blog, about a task/ job/situation/role for which you are thoroughly unsuitable (the FULL title of my book is “Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains OR the Search for a Suitable Princess”).

For instance, if I were entering the contest I might say, “I would make a thoroughly unsuitable vow-of-silence-nun, because I never shut up. Also I am Jewish.”

In addition to this little post, you’ll also ou’ also add a link to this post (by way of explanation) and the cover of the book (see above).

Then you will scramble back here and post a comment, to let me know you’ve entered the contest!

In a week’s time I’ll select the most entertaining story entered, and the winner will get a FREE signed copy of my book (in which I promise to write something REALLY unsuitable).

How’s that?

Let the games begin!

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4 Responses to “A CONTEST (& book giveaway!)”

  1. Carol Says:

    That was waaay too complicated. Besides, now I’ll get the pleasure of going to my local independent bookstore and BUYING them.
    Except they won’t be signed. sigh…
    But I’ll make sure to bring them with me the next time I see you when you are in SF.

  2. Meg McKinlay Says:

    How about this:

    “I would make a thoroughly unsuitable entrant of this contest because I am not at all fond of this sort of promotion. Also, I don’t have a blog. Also, I live in Australia, making postage of said unsuitably signed copy prohibitively expensive. Also, I wrote this in the comments section rather than on my non-existent blog, providing neither linky thing nor cover image, and thereby satisfying exactly zero of the contest requirements.”

    (there would be a smiley thing here if I could find one and also if I weren’t utterly smiley-averse).

    Seriously not entering. Seriously mostly joking. Seriously loving your cover (despite failure to reproduce same). And seriously congratulating you on your new, shiny book(s) and hoping they make their way down here at some point!

  3. Noelle Says:


  4. Erin Miller Says:

    I’m in the contest!

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