As promised, a taste of NaReCrYoMiOGiUpOnMo…

… sleeping, dreaming, happy, sound.

When suddenly the road rises like a gentle wave, lifts you into the sky,

into the everything, you lean forward.

You lean into it.


“Are we there yet?”



2 Responses to “As promised, a taste of NaReCrYoMiOGiUpOnMo…”

  1. Africa Says:

    Im sorry to bother you again and i know your a very busy women but i would love to get your email adress to help me with my paper i also know your starting to think im getting antsy only becuase my paper is due soon and i have nothing about you. all i have is all your books and im sorry to bug you like this but i would love if you would correspond to this message it very important to hear back from you i read some of your books and i love them me and my 4 year old brother im sorry to take time out of your day for this corrupution

    Thank you have a nice day….

  2. laurel Says:

    Africa, my contact page has my email on it:

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