A few years ago, Tara Lazar started hosting something at her blog called PiBoIdMo. This is like NaNoWriMo for picture book writers.  To play along, you just commit to generating a picture book idea every day for a month, during November.  One idea a day! For a month.

Now, I’ve done NaNoWriMo and I’ve done NaPoIdMo, and this year I’m not doing either, because my problem isn’t generating ideas, is focusing my energies.

I have folders full of “ideas” for books, and rough drafts of books, but what I really need to do is REVISE those ideas and drafts.

So here’s what I’m doing this year: I’m going to hang around the edges of PiBoIdMo, check in at Tara’s blog. But instead of generating new ideas, I’m going to commit to revising an idea or draft a day.  I may revisit the same work more than once, if it feels promising, because that’s the point of revision– you stick with it, return to it, redo it.

But each day I’ll dredge up some neglected idea, or a scrap of a book, or an outline, or a note to myself, and spend an hour– one hour– tinkering or fleshing out, or condensing, or whatever is needed.

And then, when it’s working, I’ll post a snippet, a little bit of the project, for you to see.

How’s that? If I’m lucky, maybe at the end of the month I’ll have one book worth showing to my agent…

We’ll call it National Revising Crap You Might Otherwise Give Up On Month!


Catchy, no?

6 Responses to “PiBoIdMo???”

  1. Jeremy West Says:

    I just spent 5 minutes trying to pronounce and say this without looking. I still can’t do it.

  2. Debbie - Styling Librarian Says:

    Love this idea! :) I actually am trying out PiBoIdMo to get into a better idea writing routine, think it fits where I am at presently! Happy NaReCrYoMiOGiUpOnMo!

  3. Madelyn Says:

    Excellent idea.

  4. Tara Lazar Says:

    Hilarious! I think I will join you!

  5. Rachel Says:

    I can relate. I have more ideas than I can ever write in a lifetime. Coming up with ideas isn’t a problem for me. Taking an intangible idea and turning it into an actual book – now there’s the challenge! Great idea, though; I’ll have to try this!

  6. Michele Says:

    I love it!!!! I am new to picture books and PiBoIdMo but have lots of ideas and they just sit there. NaReCrYoMiOGiUpOnMo! is exactly what I need to GeMyBuOfThCoAnWriMo! (Get My Butt Off The Couch And Write More!) Thank you for inspiration!!!!!!!

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