Credit where credit is due…

Okay, so… I owe this one to Lisa Brown, but it’s the coolest thing ever, so I’m blogging it anyway, because I’m not above stealing from a genius. Allow me to present:

THE CARD CATALOG JUNK DRAWER! (with some schmaltzy little boys on the side)

Every day my boys come into the house with handfulls of what can only be called CRAP.  Bits of plastic, bottle caps, flakes of mica, lego heads, broken sticks, gum wrappers.  They tell me these are “treasures.”  Then they leave them ALL OVER THE HOUSE.

Meanwhile, we are learning to read, slowly.

Meanwhile, we have an empty card catalog in the dining room.

So Lisa said I should turn it into a junk-drawer (they have one)!

Because it is generally best to listen to Lisa,  I did so.

Guess what? Not only do the boys spend endless amounts of time alphabetizing the CRAP (and re-alphabetizing.  Because, for instance, a Groucho Marx mask can be filed under M for moustache, or mask, but  also under N for nose)…

ALSO, I no longer have bits of CRAP everywhere.

AND, they’re working on their reading.

HA HA! Subversively educating those little monsters, that’s what I’m doing.

I suggest you go out right away and get yourself a card catalog. RIGHT THIS MINUTE!



3 Responses to “Credit where credit is due…”

  1. MichaelFan Says:

    But where did you get your card catalog and where can I find one?

  2. laurel Says:

    I bought mine from a friend who posted it to Facebook, but I actually know someone who has a few for sale.

  3. Mom Says:

    It’s all about the schmaltzy little boys!

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